• Zero lost time incidents 

  • Shortened schedule by 1.5 months at client request 

  • Finished 7% under budget

Field Mechanical Construction

  • Setting and installation of major equipment (tanks, packages vessels etc.)

  • Setting and installation of building and piperack modules and interconnecting piping

  • Quality control and turnover

  • Commissioning of lines not completed by a previous contractor

  • Fabricate and install 50 Tonnes of structural steel, 20,000 diameter inches 

  • Cut and cap 


Shop Responsibilities

  • Fabrication of 4 pipe rack modules including 100 tones of steel and 15,000 diameter inches

  • Fabrication of 4 pump buildings including 8000 Diameter inches of Piping, Electrical, Insulation, Building and Millwright work

  • 67,000 Man hours                                     

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Pipestone 1
Pipestone 1