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Pump Stations & Compressor Stations

Pump Stations

  • Setting & installation of major equipment (tanks, package vessels)

  • Setting & Installation of buildings, pipe rack modules and interconnecting piping

  • Quality control and turnover

  • Commissioning of lines not completed by a previous contractor.

  • Fabricate and install of structural steel.

  • Cut & cap.

  • Electrical & Insulation 

  • Full on-site system hydro-test

The Albian Project

  • Radium was the Sr. Project Manager and Lead Estimator

  • Fabrication and installation of piping and structural steel for Inpit tailings pond for ongoing production at MRM (including earthworks, HDPE fusing, CS welding, and testing).

  • Slurry Pumps – Install, epoxy grouting, alignments and pipe strains.

  • Structural fabrication and install.

  • HDPE Underground Gland water and Drain Lines

  • EHT and Insulation

  • Outage and tie ins

  • Demolition, Fabrication and installation of ducting and structural steel for breaker buildings and E House

  • Stainless steel, galvanized, round and square ducting, insulation.

  • Install of Large bore internally coated pipe including field measure

  • Outage work, while other machinery is still in operation.

  • Working at high elevations, using a rappel crew for outside wall work.

  • Removal and replacement, startup and commissioning of air handling units including E&I, controls and air balancing.

  • Excavation of existing pipeline risers.

  • Purge, cold cuts and demo of existing risers.

  • Earthworks, line locates, piling.

  • CSA Z662 pipeline fabrication, install, outage work tie ins to plant.

  • Early involvement in the project working with the owner to optimize the work fronts and minimize downtime.

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