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Radium’s Quality Management Program supports any maintenance, manufacturing and construction installation project. We hold all the required certifications while adhering to all codes, regulations and industry standards. Radium has on staff: in house welding examiner, our corporate QA Kurt Papson. 5 full time inspectors, two with CWB Level 2, six managers with Level 1’s, two with NACE L1/2 certification and two P.Eng's. Our quality plan (QP) is a working document design to hold accountability for processes of fabrication, construction installation and maintenance turnarounds against code, special requirements and customer expectations. This will also describe the quality standards, both internally and externally to which the project will be accountable while compiling with all codes, regulations and standards locally, provincially and federally. At Radium we are committed to excellence to the highest level of our QP to our customers for products, services, suppliers and any subcontractors.

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