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Our operational structure is centred on safety, budget & efficiency. Ensuring every job is completed with the highest standard of quality and done right the first time.


Radium has a fabrication & module assembly yard in Grand Prairie, AB.

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Our electrical & instrumentation team takes great pride in their workmanship, customer relations and safety program. Our team is able to analyze and diagnose any emergency situation when they arise and take the steps necessary to resolve the issue safely and quickly.


Radium’s leadership and project teams specialize in the construction of upstream, midstream and down stream production and process infrastructure.

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Radium has a 13 acre module yard conveniently located in Grande Prairie, off highway 43 for efficient access to main trucking routes and client work locations. The entire property is securely fenced and well lit to ensure security of Radium and client assets. Our 8,000 sq. ft. cold storage tent combined with our 22,000 sq. ft. fabrication shop can serve our customers needs year round. A fleet of support construction equipment, hydro-testing lay down and dedicated NDE safe exclusion area are all strategically located within the mod yard for cost efficient safe work execution.   


Radium utilizes 3D technology to provide our customers 360 degrees of visual aid complete with dimensional measurements with an accuracy tolerances within 2 millimeters.


Radium has the ability to produce a 4D schedule to highlight some of the issues that a project might face.  This schedule gives a visual reference to how different pieces of the project will be impacted based on their arrival on site or on which piece is being constructed.  One of the simpler 4D schedules that can be shown, is the equipment schedule.  The slideshow to the left illustrates the latter, where different pieces of equipment/piperacks arrived on site.  By examining the 4D schedule, it was determined that certain pieces of equipment would no be able to be placed efficiently by the dates that they were arriving. 


Radium’s drafting and modelling team consist of members with a combined experience totaling over 50 years ready to support any project requirements. Our drafting and modelling team creates on going support for our Grande Prairie shop to optimize shop efficiencies with detail fabrication schedules to support project deliverables. Radium possesses professional software licenses for Navisworks, Cadworx, Iconstruct, Tekla and Acorn Pipe. Our ability to proved detailed design assistance to our customers allows for a support arm within Radium to address any drafting & modelling project pressures. 


Radium’s Quality Management Program supports any maintenance, manufacturing and construction installation project. We hold all the required certifications while adhering to all codes, regulations and industry standards. Radium has on staff: in house welding examiner, our corporate QA Kurt Papson. 5 full time inspectors, two with CWB Level 2, six managers with Level 1’s, two with NACE L1/2 certification and two P.Eng's. Our quality plan (QP) is a working document design to hold accountability for processes of fabrication, construction installation and maintenance turnarounds against code, special requirements and customer expectations. This will also describe the quality standards, both internally and externally to which the project will be accountable while compiling with all codes, regulations and standards locally, provincially and federally. At Radium we are committed to excellence to the highest level of our QP to our customers for products, services, suppliers and any subcontractors.

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Radium’s experienced teams are able to service our customers needs for any plant schedule shut downs, improvements and repairs. Working together with onsite construction operations and commissioning start up groups to ensure safe and timely turnover to production operations. Radium has performed hundreds of successful turnarounds and tie ins in our history. Brownfield work is our specialty and our experience is demonstrated through detailed outage plans, early construction-client involvement and analysis including: operations team, CMT, subcontractors and our execution team.


At Radium we take pride in our projects and we always strive to be on time and under budget. Using our proven historical data we can deliver more detailed estimates, which can minimize changes to cost and schedule. Our detailed tracking and reporting allows for accurate up to date information on our projects. This helps us manage the three pillars of a successful project (Scope, Cost and Time).

With our detailed reporting it allows Radium to be more transparent with its data to ensure a successful partnership between client and contractor.

Pump & Valve Rebuild

Radium has both gas and heavy oil well pad construction experience. Clients include:

  • Keyera 

  • Sunshine

  • Connacher 

  • Laricina  

  • Athabasca Oil

  • Taqa 

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Radium has performed decommissioning and abandonment on multiple facilities complying with D56 notifications, stake holder notification, reporting and compliance, through OneStop submission. 

Decommissioning experience:

  • Plains Midstream - NGL Optimization (Aug 2019-Mar 2020): 40 tie ins involving decommissioning, Lock Out Tag Out, demo & disposal and reinstatement.

  • Keyera KFS C3+ Frac Tie Ins (May 2015 - July 2015): 96 tie ins all requiring decomissioning and demolition work (gas detection, isolation, cold cuts, removal and disposal/recycling of abandoned lines).

  • KFS MOC projects including undergrounds (over 300 tie ins/demo) (Jan 2015-present)

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