4D Scheduling 

Radium has the ability to produce a 4D schedule to highlight some of the issues that a project might face.  This schedule gives a visual reference to how different pieces of the project will be impacted based on their arrival on site or on which piece is being constructed.  One of the simpler 4d schedules that can be shown, is the equipment schedule.  For the example below, we have illustrated the different pieces of equipment/piperacks arriving on site.  By examining the original schedule, it was determined that certain pieces of equipment would no be able to be placed efficiently by the dates that they were arriving. 


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Another example is a small greenfield plant being built from start to finish.  By showing the visual details to the client and the construction crews, they are able to visualize how each piece needs to be placed and when. This has been a great value to some of our clients for them to see visually what impacts their schedule will have on the timeline of the project.

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