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Safety is at the heart of Radium. Our people come first.

The health and safety of our personnel is critical and held to the highest regard.  With a fully integrated health and safety management system we provide the proper education, tools, and resources to ensure all workers return home safe at the end of day.  Our HSE culture and systems are above average and we pride ourselves on being an industry leader in this area.

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Radium implements for every project the following proven safety controls:

  • Project Safety Plan (PSP) – This document outlines the scope of work and the HSE execution plan to ensure that work is completed safely and productively for the project. Both parties engage in an understanding of the HSE expectations at a contractual level, this document is a collaboration to ensure the highest level of safety is designed throughout the job.  The PSP is approved between the Client and Radium prior to engaging in work at the field level.

  • Bridging Document – Once the PSP is created and the scope is determined we “bridge” the two companies together by reviewing both HSE programs to ensure that the highest standard of work practices and procedures are implemented.  A comprehensive gap analysis is completed to outline the specific responsibilities of each party.

Risk Management – Risk Management is broken down into 3 aspects:​


  • Project Specific Hazard Analysis (PJHA) - This document is created specific to the job and reviews the scope of work and the tasks taking place.  It then breaks out each potential hazard associated and how those risks are mitigated through hazard controls.

  • Formal Level Hazard Assessments (JSA) – Radium has an established formal hazard assessment program that reviews each position in the company, which tasks they perform, what the related risk and priority index is and how we as a company plan to control those risks.

  • Field Level Hazard Assessments (FLHA) – This is the heart and soul of hazard assessments for our workers.  Radium has a fully integrated field level hazard assessment program, workers use the FLHA each day and as tasks change.

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