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Community Engagement

Welcome to Radium, a nexus of innovation and integrity in the industrial construction sectors. Our company is firmly anchored in our community, driven by the belief in reciprocating the support that has fueled our growth. Community engagement is not merely an objective for us; it is the foundation of our identity.

We invite you to join us in our mission to create a significant, positive impact, motivated by the generosity of the communities that have supported us. Together, we aim to forge a brighter future through enduring partnerships.


Radium acknowledges the pivotal role of Indigenous communities in shaping our history and their continuing significance in our past, present, and future. Our mission is founded on collaboration with these communities to empower individuals. We offer numerous opportunities, including apprenticeship programs, encouraging individuals to seize them. Recognizing and respecting the cultural heritage and values of First Nations is essential to us. Hence, we are committed to inspiring individuals to excel, offering them the opportunities needed to surpass their expectations and expand their potential. We believe in moving forward together.

Native Drums

Radium views its engagement with Indigenous communities as a partnership that transcends contractual obligations. Our commitment to empowering these communities stems from a recognition of their potential, encompassing a wealth of skills, creativity, and their critical role within our national framework. Our approach to empowerment is multifaceted, involving community outreach programs, advancement in trade skills, and support for Indigenous communities in managing their own ventures within the oil and gas sector. Currently, we are in the process of finalizing agreements with several communities, having successfully collaborated on projects that offer sustainable employment and business opportunities.

Our objective is to deepen our connections with First Nations across Western Canada, engaging in meaningful dialogues on key issues and crafting solutions that foster long-term partnerships with the Indigenous Peoples of this region.


Fort McMurray Wildfire Supplies

Explore our vibrant community partnerships and sponsored events on our Facebook page. Discover the exciting ways we give back and engage with local communities. Join us in making a difference.

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