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Radium can provide total Project Management with a single point of contact. This alleviates the stress and added cost to our clients.

Shop Fabrication

  • Structural & Piping

  • Module & Equip. install/assembly

  • Greenfield, Brownfield/shutdown, tie ins, electrical & instrumentation

Industrial Construction

  • Projects are by their very nature are complex. Radium’s process embraces this complexity and utilizes strong project management and controls from day one.

  • Radium has had great success with a number of different clients utilizing the Integrated Design Process (IDP) including: Keyera, Semcams and Plains, from early design, to CWPs and through to execution on the field.


  • Radium remains the same company and team working on a project from start to finish, ensuring the project stays organized. The milestones and schedule coordination, project controls, RFI’s, fitment and quality being of a single known and trusted source, greatly improves the projects efficiency and ease. 


  • Project Management and superintendents are both involved in up-front work planning.

  • Creating clear communication between our clients, engineering and construction early on, we can minimize inefficiencies (constructible designs, efficient delivery schedules), last-minute changes in the field and reduce RFI’s, CORs before “boots hit the ground”

Our Team

  • At Radium we take pride in our work from the smallest detail, our work is not only a representation of the client but our experience &  expertise in our field.

  • Many of the project managers on our team have decades of field experience, so when it comes to planning a project, we plan for every scenario with a solution.

Client Relationships

  • Our relationships are all about trust, along with collaboration and open communication with our clients.

  • Preplanning is vital, as it identifies cost savings measures that are applied to the project.

  • We hold weekly meetings and reporting detailing costs (by code/area). We have 5 engineers on our staff (3 of which are project managers), who understand and share the goals of a safe, efficient design, while also providing a cost and schedule sensitive approach. Our collaborative, team-based project management approach has been the key to our client’s success as indicated in our past project performance.

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