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Stronger Together

Jun 1, 2023

Be sure to check out Radium's profile in the newest release of 'Business in Calgary' magazine!

We are very honored to be featured alongside local industry leaders and proactive business partners.

'General contractor Radium Technologies offers a skilled trades force for field work as well as a pump and valve rebuild shop. "With a shared drive for business transparency and collaboration, as well as a commitment to giving back to the communities we work in, Radium joined the WLMG in 2022," says Dan Forigo, Chief Corporate Officer. "The strength of the partnership has been in the networking and collaboration opportunities with others within the group and our resultant ability to provide a 'one-stop-shop' to clients."

This was reccently demonstrated when a client jokingly asked if Radium could supply a scaffold team, and the answer was yes, due to the group's relationships/

"Additionally," Forigo adds, "support offered by Andy Harnett (newly appointed CEO) in ways such as a personal Suncor/Syncrude tour and promotion of Radium in his meetings, has been a tremendous asset."'

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